Prima Luna:
Italian restaurant, Weddings receptions & corporate events

A taste from Italy.

Try PrimaLuna Italian restaurant

Sushi & Szechuan

Who would ever dream of a Chinese restaurant with a sushi bar? We have it !

Prima Luna Restaurant

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PrimaLuna Italian restaurant


A no-fuss dining spot that guests can enjoy often with a core set of delicious dishes complemented by daily specials that leave one wanting more.


We serve a variety of sushi, tempura and more. Elegant interior and ambience makes it the perfect date night restaurant for sushi lovers.

PrimaLuna Szechuan restaurant


Authentic Szechuan style cuisine, all freshly prepared by our expert chefs. You'll find an extensive menu with dishes to suit every taste.


7301 Henri Bourassa est,
Montreal, QC. H1E 2Z6

Office Time

Mon - Fri | 11:00 to closing
Sat | 5:00 to closing
Sunday | Private events only


Phone: 514-494-6666
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